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Prior to running the expansion, we recommend you follow a few procedures. First, ensure that all new LUNs consist of RAID sets that are consistent with the designated affinity tag s current LUNs. TIP: You can determine your volume s ideal LUN count by consulting its respective auxdata.plist file, found at /Library/Filesystems. Next, verify recent backups of the volume by performing a test restore. Now stop the volume, and perform a repair on it using the command:

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Adding permissions checks won t have any impact at all on the simulator, where everything is always permitted. The impact on the device may be different based on the particular handset you are using. If you have previously always been able to run MediaGrabber with no problems or annoyances, odds are high that you already had all the permissions you need, and so the permissions request will never display. For most developers, though, you will see the prompt display the first time you launch the new version of MediaGrabber on the device. Experiment with granting or denying permissions to see how it affects the app s behavior. If you have previously set all permissions, you can continue testing by changing some back to Deny or Prompt, as previously described in the Application Permissions section of this chapter.

In Figure 1-16, RealPlayer is used to play some media file Imagine running a media-file generation service Testing the format of the media is not a problem and is akin to testing the contract You also need to test if a client such as RealPlayer can consume, process, and display the media Figuring this out requires taking a snapshot and then checking if the bits and bytes are displayed properly However, something as simple as taking a snapshot is difficult, because the utility to take a snapshot in Figure 1-16 kept blacking out the content Thus, you re left wondering how to test the functionality of your data stream when played in RealPlayer The simplest but probably most expensive and error-prone solution is to have a human look at RealPlayer and say, Yes, the content is being played, or No, the content has problems.

When that completes, back up the metadata by issuing the command:

As you have seen, there is only a limited amount of code available to control security features. However, your use of that code and accurate information about application and device security will make your app look truly professional. Consider making these additional enhancements. Delay permissions requests until they are necessary. You may never need to ask for email permission if the user never sends the media they record. Check the highest level of permission that a user can grant instead of always requiring Allow . If corporate users install MediaGrabber and have a restrictive IT policy, they may not be able to change permissions no matter how often you ask. Consider allowing the user to continue running even without the requested permissions. This may cause problems later on, so display a warning. Requesting permissions is a little like a dance between yourself, the user, and BlackBerry. Like any dance with three partners, it is a little awkward. Applications that handle themselves with grace stand out from the field.

Also, perform a cvgather on the volume (which, among other procedures, backs up the volume s configuration files) by entering this at the command line:

After these steps, you re ready to perform the expansion, which you can do using Xsan Admin by dragging your new, labeled LUN into the desired affinity tag. As mentioned, it s best to add LUNs in numbers compatible with existing settings. So if the volume uses 4 LUN storage pools, the number of LUNs you add during expansion should be divisible by 4. If you have a custom volume, you ll need to manually create the storage pools and assign 4 LUNs to each. After dragging all desired LUNs into the proper affinity tag or storage pools, click Save. The expansion will proceed, generally taking 20 to 30 minutes. Following the actual expansion, it s a good idea to carry out additional maintenance on the volume to ensure proper health. In particular, to ensure that data is properly restriped across the pool, an snfsdefrag is an absolute requirement. Running the command

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